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Hi, my name is Elena Sosnovskaya — and I am the owner of Megalove dating agency, dating coach, certified matchmaker. I know what a Man and a Woman needs to be happy and successful in their relations. I have been in sphere of dating more than 9 years, and I know 99 % of all mistakes, problems, troubles a couple usually face when they start their international relations. It took me several years to make a final decision to write a book, a book that will help men to understand better — what they are looking for, how to be happy in personal life, and why they need a Ukrainian wife to be happy.

I wrote a book «Love Online. Lets start if you want to find her» — especially for men, who are really interested and eager to meet their future wife in Ukraine. I used coaching tools, to make a reader to think over — why he really interested in Ukrainian woman, if he really ready to invest his time and money in search, if it worth it? I wanted to show all sides of this process. Get my book and find answers for your questions. remember — all answers are inside of you, just think over your life!

Lets start if you want to find her…


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